Terms & Conditions


We recommend that you or your guest reserve a car ahead of time (at no additional charge) to be guaranteed a car at time of pick up. We can provide you with a car at short notice by phone or online upon availability. Your driver will arrive within 15 minutes of their scheduled arrival time or your ride is completely free. If we are 15 minutes late, your ride is free. To qualify, customers must reserve online and at least 24 hours in advance. Excludes weather-related delays. Covers base fare value up to $100, and excludes tolls, tips and surcharges.


Flat Rate Reservations:

Flat rate reservations are reservations where tolls and taxes are included in the final rate. There are no hidden fees and gratuity is always optional.



Like most service professionals (e.g. hotel concierges, valet attendants, waiters, etc.), town car and limousine service drivers take a great deal of pride in providing their clients with exactly what they need, when they need it. They often work diligently to make sure that your experience, whether it’s a brief ride a play or a daylong tour around New York, goes off without a hitch. But what does this mean for your guest?

This means that; if you need to make your flight, to get your family somewhere on time, to impress your clients, or a million other things, your LUXE driver acts as part of your support network. And because of this, they deserve to be appropriately recognized for their commitment to your satisfaction. Your driver should be rewarded for a job well done, which is something LUXE tries to provide for each and every one of our clients. Most car services already add a gratuity of 20% to the fare, but here at LUXE, gratuity isn’t included, nor is it mandatory. We do suggest anywhere between 10% and 20% is considered perfectly acceptable.



All round trip tolls are billed to the customer depending on the route chosen, unless you are provided with a flat rate. LUXE will charge for all round trip tolls to and from the designated destination. LUXE only collects the tolls, We do not charge them.


Meet & Greet:

Meet and Greet Airport Service is offered at an additional charge. Parking and waiting time charges (if incurred) will be billed to your account or credit card. The driver will be instructed to meet the passenger by the baggage claim or the exit of customs with a sign that has his or her last name on it, the driver will then escort the passenger to the designated vehicle location (Assisting with the luggage). This package comes with a complimentary 30 minutes free for domestic flights and 45 minutes free for international flights from the arrival time.



All parking fees and other airport regulatory fees are additional (usually $8.00-$16.00 depending on time). We do not charge them, these fees go directly to the airport parking lots.


Holidays Surcharges:

Holiday and Severe Weather surcharge, may be applied to trips occurring on:
New Year's Day
Memorial Day
Labor Day
Christmas Day
Fourth of July
Thanksgiving Day


Waiting Time:

A 30 minutes for domestic, 45 minutes International grace period is allowed following the reported flight arrival time for airport pickups only. A 10 minute grace period is granted for all other pick-ups. Waiting time will be charged at 10 minute increments after the grace period. Luxe checks all domestic and international flights one hour before the driver is dispatched, billing starts after grace period allowed from the official time of arrival (ETA). For train station pick-ups, train schedules can't be monitored. Therefore, billing begins at the scheduled pick-up time.



Price per stop varies based on distance and location, please call us to request pricing. Courtesy stops, such as briefly leaving the vehicle to pick up coffee, a newspaper or to mail a letter, do not incur extra charges. However, if longer stops or multiple stops are made you will be billed stop charges. Picking up additional passengers will also incur stop charges.


Damages Resulting From Your Act:

Luxe will charge you the cost of cleaning the vehicle as result of you or your authorized party Getting Sick in, or damaging the vehicle. You also agree and acknowledge to pay all the related fees and charges to get the vehicle back to its normal working condition.



We are not be held responsible for cases where there is an inconvenience caused like breakdown of the car, delayed arrival, failure to deliver the promised services, damage or other inconveniences caused. The damage of the customer is only limited to the value of the unused ticket that was purchased. Therefore, you must acknowledge and agree with our terms and conditions before signing up for our services.

If you want to book a car prior to 2 hours of the desired time, check for the availability of the car by calling us at 1-646-737-3032. It is strongly recommended that you check and verify the time of the departure of your flight in case there are possibilities of delay during the peak travel hours or due to extreme and harsh weather conditions.